Dive computer in action

Dive gear maintenance: Wrist mount gauges

I have a range of different wrist mount gauges as I teach a range of courses. Whether it’s a compass, dive computer, or timing device the same rules apply when it comes to maintenance.

They must all be soaked in warm fresh water after a dive.


The bevel on the compass must be rotated several times in both directions whilst in the warm water. This prevents salt from building up underneath it.

Dive computers

Dive computers must have the buttons depressed several times while swirling the instrument in the warm water. This will ensure no salt crystals can build up behind the buttons. I have a Suunto Mosquito that has done over 1000 dives and has never given me a day’s trouble whereas many people have had button trouble with these units. If you have delicate water contacts brushing them with a soft toothbrush keeps them clear of build up.

I also take a soft cloth and wipe silicone over everything, pour it in behind the buttons and then wipe it all off with a clean cloth.

Dive computer in action
Dive computer in action

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