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Newsletter: Whirlwind diving

Hi divers

Bernita in some nice visiblity at Oudekraal on Christmas day
Bernita in some nice visiblity at Oudekraal on Christmas day

The last week or so has been quite hectic with lots of diving being done. On Christmas day Clare and I (having discharged our family responsibilities the day before) did a lovely shore entry at Oudekraal in the company of Bernita. We had the entire ocean to ourselves and felt rather privileged.

Several of us enjoyed a pair of stunning boat dives in the Atlantic on Wednesday, and in between I’ve been shore diving and in the pool with Open Water students. Tomorrow I am starting a Rescue course and a Nitrox Specialty, as well as continuing with Open Water students. I also have Advanced students on the go so every day the weather permits, I am diving.

Tony and Angela descend onto the Maori
Tony and Angela descend onto the Maori

I won’t be on the boat this weekend, but Grant is launching and if you feel like a boat dive contact him directly (and fast). Conditions on the Atlantic side look quite good, but next week will most likely deteriorate somewhat with a large swell… Just in time for everyone to go back to work!

I wish all of you a safe long weekend and a peaceful and prosperous 2012. Hope to see you in the water soon!

Basket star on the Aster
Basket star on the Aster


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