Tony filming the bow of the P29

Dive sites (Malta): P29 (part 1)

Tony at the bow of the P29
Tony at the bow of the P29

The P29 is a Kondor Class former Minesweeper for the East German Navy, and was later a Patrol Boat for the Armed Forces of Malta. The P29 is 52 metres long and 7 metres wide, with a 2.3 metre draft. She was powered by twin diesel engines, had a maximum speed of 20 knots, a crew of 20, and weighed 361 tons.

The scuttling of the P29 was spearheaded by the Malta Marine Foundation, as an artificial reef and as an attraction for recreational diving. She was scuttled in August 2007 just off Cirkewwa. She is located close to the tugboat Rozi, 170 metres offshore, and the same entry point works for both wrecks. She sits upright on the sand at 33-35 metres. The top of her mast is at about 14 metres, with the top of the bridge at about 20 metres.

A mast rising next to the bridge
A mast rising next to the bridge

Before scuttling, the P29 was cleaned, and all doors and hatches were removed. Penetration is safe – there is no silt, and the entrances are evident. The clarity of the water means that finding the source of natural light is relatively straightforward.

The entry is via Susie’s Pool, which we used when diving the Rozi.

Divers setting off down the wall to the sand
Divers setting off down the wall to the sand

Dive date: 2 August 2011

Air temperature: 31 degrees

Water temperature: 23 degrees

Maximum depth: 31.9 metres

Visibility: 30 metres

Dive duration: 48 minutes

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