The Cougar Ace off Alaska - courtesy of

Article: Wired on salvage

Here’s another fantastic article from Wired magazine that describes the process of trying to salvage a cargo of motor cars from a listing vessel off the Alaskan coastline. Until one realises how valuable that cargo is, it simply doesn’t make sense that anyone would go to so much trouble to recover it. The story aptly refers to “sea cowboys” – the courage and enterprising nature of the teams who do this work is awesome.

The Cougar Ace off Alaska - courtesy of
The Cougar Ace off Alaska – courtesy of

The article is written like a thriller, and the characters and motivations of the salvors are described in some detail. There are diagrams showing how the ship was leaning, and cross sections of the interior. This provides good detail on the logistics of the entire operation.

Read the full article here. The photographs are stunning, too!

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