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Malta: Dive briefing on the Scuba Bus

Our Divemaster in Malta for eight of the ten dives we did was a fantastic Russian Instructor (most of the guided dives are led by Instructors in Malta, rather than just Divemasters) called Sergey from Subway Scuba. His dive briefings were comprehensive and delivered with the panache of a tour guide. We loved driving to dive sites with him because he’d point out all sorts of interesting landmarks along the way.


You can see from the drivers around us the nature of Maltese driving (more than once we were told that the people of Malta “drive on the shady side of the road”!) and a little of the countryside.

Sergey tells us how long we will drive, and how we will take the ferry to Gozo and then drive to the dive sites. You can hear him describing the tunnel, arches and small lake of the dive sites we were visiting, as well as the importance of St Paul in Malta. He also tells us a bit about the difficulty of agriculture in Malta owing to the severely limited space available, and the resulting high cost of the natural produce.

The quality of this little video isn’t great, as it was filmed on Clare’s small underwater camera (which is hard to hold still outside its housing) while driving to the Gozo ferry at Cirkewwa. There’s a bit of traffic noise and light and shade as we drive along, but you can hear most of the briefing. Sergey is telling us about the Blue Hole and Inland Sea dive sites on Gozo, about which more will follow…

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