Scuba diving Malta - Gozo - Comino

Bookshelf: Scuba Diving Malta – Gozo – Comino

Scuba Diving Malta – Gozo – Comino – Peter G. Lemon

Scuba diving Malta - Gozo - Comino
Scuba diving Malta – Gozo – Comino

Peter G. Lemon is British, but has spent years diving in Malta and this book is the fruit of many years’ labour. He has the support of the Maltese government and local dive centres in the production of this book, and the several editions of this book have ensured that even the most recently scuttled wrecks are included. The Maltese government encourages scuba diving tourism by placing wrecks around the islands in diver-friendly locations.

The focus is on shore diving sites, of which Malta has many. Each dive site is mapped, with an aerial photograph of the location and entry points. Time estimates for the dives are given, as well as route suggestions. It’s much like the Maltese print equivalent of Peter Southwood’s wikivoyage pages for Cape Town diving! Boat dive sites are also listed with descriptions as an appendix.

The dive centre we used in Malta, Subway Scuba, in fact used this book in our dive briefings, and our Divemaster showed us our planned routes on the maps in the book.

The book is beautifully illustrated, with ample photographs to accompany the dive site maps. We found the photographs to be well representative of what the dive sites have to offer, and there was certainly no evidence that only pictures with the best visibility had been chosen… Everything looked just as we expected!

A well-worn copy ready for a dive briefing!
A well-worn copy ready for a dive briefing!

In the back of the book are the contact details for most of the local dive centres, as well as general information about what to see and do – apart from scuba diving – in Malta.

We used it as a reference before each of our dives in Malta during our vacation, but it will also serve as a wonderful reminder of our trip. The book is large format (A4 size) and if you’re planning a dive trip to Malta I wouldn’t set foot on the plane without a copy!

The book is available here, or else from most of the dive centres and tourist bookshops in Malta.

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