Dealio DSD offer

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The growth of group buying websites in South Africa has been on the increase of late and I think the almost worldwide squeeze on disposable income has contributed to their success.

The concept is easy to understand. The website operators arrange a huge discount from a supplier, add a commission for themselves and then promote your product or service. For some of these sites the number of views per deal offered is staggering. The deal goes live on their website for seven days with a minimum number of purchases required to make the deal work. If not enough people buy, the deal falls away.

Dealio DSD offer
Dealio DSD offer

Dealio is a relative newcomer to the arena and was therefore my choice for running a diving promotion. The bigger the company the harder they squeeze you for a big discount and the greater the commission the make. Whilst our promotion was on the front page of Dealio they had a radio advert where the deal, and therefore Learn to Dive Today, was mentioned on radio.

We track the number of visits to our website and on the day the deal was opened we had a jump to ten times the daily average for the month. In total 29 people bought a Discover Scuba Diving experience and I was extremely happy with that number, not to mention the radio air time, web advertising and traffic to our website. To top it all, the first to people to arrive for their diving experience had decided on an underwater proposal so this made it a very special occasion.

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