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Divetime.com isn’t strictly speaking a magazine – it’s more like a global scuba diving internet portal. It’s divided into a few sections, each of which is huge and comprehensive.

  • Forums – very active discussion pages on everything to do with scuba
  • Gear – scuba gear for sale by Divetime.com, as well as a few user reviews
  • Classifieds – buy and sell scuba gear
  • Photos and Videos – huge numbers of user-submitted photos and video clips
  • Dive Sites – brief summaries on dive sites all over the world (including quite a few South African ones)
  • Dive Shops – look up dive centres in the city you plan to visit. Learn to Dive Today is listed here!
  • Articles – articles on scuba and more… you could spend hours browsing here

There’s also an iPhone app, if you’re into that sort of thing! This is a lovely site to while away a few hours when you want to be in the water but can’t…

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