Marinus gets a personalised application of Vaseline

Handy hints: Designer stubble

I’ve mentioned how a stray hair in one’s mask can turn a dive from pleasant to a simulated near-drowning experience… For girls, it’s usually just a matter of putting one’s hair out of the way. For guys, it can be more complicated.

The problem is designer stubble: not all gentlemen like the clean-shaven look. A full-scale moustache really precludes a career as a scuba diver, but there’s no reason why Andre Agassi or his ilk can’t don a mask and hit the ocean.

Marinus gets a personalised application of Vaseline
Marinus gets a personalised application of Vaseline

The solution to the problem – assuming you don’t fancy a pass with a razor – is Vaseline. The generous application prior to a dive of petroleum jelly to the top lip, and any other stubbled portions of the male face that fall beneath the skirt of a mask, will solve the problem ONE TIME.

Of course, if you can get someone to wade into the sea and actually apply it for you, that’s a bonus!

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