Kirsten in the pool

Directions to the Northern Suburbs swimming pool

Tony sometimes uses the swimming pool at one of the dive shops in the northern suburbs, Scuba Centre (Shop 1 Tyger Quays, Tyger Waterfront) to do the confined water skills for the Open Water course.

Kirsten in the pool
Kirsten in the pool

Here are directions to get there:

Coming from Cape Town south:

  1. Get onto the N1 northbound from Cape Town.
  2. Take the Willie van Schoor/Tyger Valley exit number 23 off the N1.
  3. Tturn left into Willie van Schoor road.
  4. Take the first left into Mispel road.
  5. At the T junction, turn right into Carl Cronje drive.
  6. Turn left into the Tyger Waterfront. The water-filled quarry should be on your right.
  7. Go through the first traffic circle inside the Tyger Waterfront.
  8. Scuba Centre is on your right – there is parking in front of the shop.
  9. Look for the divemobile parked outside (Tony’s big black van with scuba diving written all over it)

Coming from the Northern Suburbs:

  1. Get onto Carl Cronje drive heading south towards the N1.
  2. Pass Willowbridge Shopping centre and Tyger Falls.
  3. Before you get to the N1, turn right into the Tyger Waterfront. The water-filled quarry should be on your right.
  4. Go to item 7 above and continue from there.
Dean in the corner
Dean in the corner

This is what the entrance to Tyger Waterfront looks like:


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