Bernita beneath the anchor

Newsletter: Sodwana trip and lost gear

Hi divers

Compliments of the season to everyone. Thank you for your support and for the many awesome dives we enjoyed last year. I’m looking forward to a busy dive-filled 2011 and I wish you all the very best for it.

The wind has been a pest for the last couple of weeks, so my Open Water students have been waiting patiently for the sea to flatten and for the visibility to clear (hopefully)! We will be diving our hearts out for the next few days and I will have some of you certified by the end of the week.

Dive report

We did a super dive at North Lion’s Paw near Clifton last week, in stunning visibility. I found a manefish, which usually lives in 400 metres of water, but was visiting our waters for the summer.

Manefish (Caristius groenlandicus)
Manefish (Caristius groenlandicus)

Cecil found his first underwater treasure, a boat anchor, which we raised using Bernita’s SMB (thank you Bernita!).

Bernita beneath the anchor
Bernita beneath the anchor


We are planning a trip to Coral Divers in Sodwana from Saturday 16 April to Wednesday 20 April. The Saturday and the Wednesday will be for travel (fly to Durban and then drive about 4 hours to Sodwana), and then we’d spend four nights/three days at Coral Divers, and do six dives. The Easter weekend is from 22-25 April, so we will be off the roads before it starts and avoid the high season prices that kick in on Good Friday.

Our last Sodwana trip was a roaring success and I can highly recommend the diving (and the company). As far as costs go, I will give you a better idea in next week’s newsletter, but it will probably be in the range of R3500 per person including flights, car hire and basic self-catering accommodation. There are a range of accommodation options so you can sleep in as much luxury as your heart desires.

The Coral Divers website gives you some idea of what the campsite is like. My blog has some photos and dive reports from the last trip, which can be found here.

As we did last time, there will be opportunities for you to do dive courses such as Advanced, Nitrox or a specialty while we’re there, at a reduced rate. Non-divers are welcome – we’ll be done in the water by lunchtime and there’s lots to do in the area.

Please indicate by return mail if you might be interested so that I can work out some numbers and get an accurate quote. Final commitment will be made by paying your deposit at a later stage, so don’t sweat about being totally certain at this point!

Lost gear

If anyone has accidentally gone home with one of my dive compasses, please let me know! It’s been missing since November.

Boat dives

Please note that if you cancel a boat dive less than 24 hours in advance, you will unfortunately have to pay the dive fee. I buy 10 dive packages from Grant, and when he gets a late cancellation that spot on the boat can’t be filled and I am billed for the dive. Thank you for understanding!

Grant is on holiday for a week (well deserved) so no boat diving this weekend.


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