Documentary: Oceans (BBC)

Oceans - a BBC production

I was hoping this documentary would be as good as The Blue Planet (also from the BBC). It’s interesting, but not as engrossing and not as slickly produced. It features an explorer, an environmentalist (we are reminded fifty or sixty times per episode that he is the grandson of Jacques Cousteau), a maritime archaeologist, and an oceanographer/marine biologist with an incredibly annoying voice and lots of piercings.

Unlike The Blue Planet, this series is about the people and their reactions to the ecosystems and relics they encounter, rather than about the ecosystems themselves. The program is poorer for it, as none of the presenters are particularly articulate or (it seems) deep thinkers. There’s a lot of “Wow! That was amazing! Oh my God!” and similar verbiage.

In an attempt to add drama, there’s a “crisis” of some sort in each episode – the weather turns, or a diver’s air runs low, or a dangerous predator makes an appearance, and “expedition leader and explorer Paul Rose is WORRIED.” Once he’s gotten over that and unfurrowed his brow, everything turns out to be fine.

All that said, for the ocean addict, this is a fascinating production. Tony and I were insanely jealous of the boat that the cast and crew used to get around, and the footage of the crew actually doing various dives was very interesting. There are some incredibly huge octopus, which really thrilled me, and some cool wrecks and reefs. In all I would recommend it, but only if you already own The Blue Planet and are forewarned of the difference in format.

You can get the DVD box set here if you’re in South Africa, otherwise click here. The official website for the production is here.

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5 thoughts on “Documentary: Oceans (BBC)”

  1. The wife & I just watched (ocean). the underwater footage was beyond beautiful,the actions caught on film for people to see is just beyond words such details and information,colors and a true eye opening and learning experience.I recall watching Mr Cousteau’s underwater exploring.We are glad family continued this.To those that have even the slightest complaint about what they saw or towards those whom work so very hard for months maybe evens years just to bring you 1.5 hrs of pure enjoyment We say bring them out to the deep as bait for the sharks how ever since we would not like even a shark to choak on bad meat We as others should just ignore the complainers who do not have the talent nor gutts to join the real pros and talents down below.
    Thank You for all , all of you have done and please stay safe and keep it coming. who knows the gov may watch this over cocktails and messing up this country and decide to do something useful
    Thank you and GOD BLESS
    Ken & Wendy Thomas

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