Need to get back in the water again? Are your gills drying out? Planning an exotic holiday? Do a refresher course to brush up on your skills and confidence.

Are you a qualified diver? If you’ve been out of the water for a while, an inactive diver, have lost confidence or just want to make sure that your skills are in tip-top shape before that much anticipated tropical holiday or so that you can start diving again regularly, contact me for a refresher.

You’ll do an optional pool session, and then one sea dive during which we’ll go over the kit assembly, fine-tune your buoyancy, review the essential skills, deal with any anxieties you may have, and just get you back into a diving mind set. It’s worthwhile doing a refresher if you’re going away somewhere special, so that you’ll be sure of having the best possible experience while you’re on holiday.

If you’re an experienced diver (for example a navy or commercial diver), but don’t have a certification card from a recognised scuba agency (such as PADI, SDI, NAUI, CMAS, etc), the SDI Accomplished Diver course is for you. We’ll do a dive together to verify your scuba skills, and you’ll be issued with a certification card that will be accepted worldwide.

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