Friday photo: More Muizenberg

Muizenberg beach looking towards Simon's Town
Muizenberg beach looking towards Simon’s Town

Taken on the same day as this photo, this picture of Surfers Corner clearly shows the large swell that was pounding Muizenberg at the time. This corner of False Bay – close to its northernmost reaches – often has very murky water.

Friday photo: Clouds over the valley

Clouds over Fish Hoek valley
Clouds over Fish Hoek valley

Fish Hoek valley is a narrow saddle of low lying land approximately thirteen kilometres across, with False Bay on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other. It looks beautiful from above, too. Here are some clouds at sunset, over the dunes at Fish Hoek beach.

Friday photo: Fish Hoek sunset

Colours at Fish Hoek beach
Colours at Fish Hoek beach

Tony and I ate an ice cream and watched the sunset at Fish Hoek beach one Sunday evening. The colours cycled through a range of pinks to blue. Can you see the mountains on the other side of the bay? I think even Hangklip is visible in the middle of the image.

Friday photo: Building shed

Yacht construction shed at FBYC
Yacht construction shed at FBYC

This mysterious, flimsy green boat shed is being used (according to rumour) for the construction of an “eco-friendly catamaran”. It has, remarkably, survived some very stormy weather, so it is more strongly built than it looks. On the other side of the roof is the URL of the Twin Dragons Yachts website, which is singularly uninformative at this stage but which will probably be the best place for more information as it becomes available. The boat shed is right on the edge of the slipway we use to launch the boat at False Bay Yacht Club.

Friday photo: Clouds over Simon’s Bay

Clouds over Simon's Bay
Clouds over Simon’s Bay

I took this photo standing on the end of the Simon’s Town jetty. As an amateur cloud appreciator (cloudspotter would imply that I can remember the names of anything other than cumulonimbus), I enjoy any landscape involving ocean and clouds. I think I am an immensely irritating companion on days like this, like a three year old constantly drawing my companions’ attention to the same thing. In this case, CLOUDS! Look at how much depth and interest it gives to the landscape.