Broadnose sevengill cowshark

Sharks! MOOC videos (part I)

I completed the edX-hosted Sharks! MOOC, presented by Cornell University and the University of Queensland, and it was excellent. The content was clear and for me, who stupidly quit high school biology at the age of 14 for the sake of a more classical (less useful) education, filled in a large number of gaps in my understanding of sharks and rays.

The course format was a mix of video lectures and interviews, notes, diagrams and multiple choice questions for grading purposes. The videos are available on youtube – you can check out the channel containing all this year’s videos, or a giant playlist containing all the videos from the 2015 iteration of the course.

I’m going to link to some of the most interesting videos below, so you can get a taster of what the course was like. Please sign up next time it gets offered, if you didn’t do so this time!

Broadnose sevengill cowshark at Shark Alley
Broadnose sevengill cowshark at Shark Alley

Week 1: The Big Shark Picture – Biodiversity and Evolution

Intro – the big shark picture

Shark tracking

Light, depth and landforms

Habitat dive


Origins of taxonomy

Start with the fins

Skeletal anatomy

14 living orders

Species discovery

A walk through deep time

Bear Gulch – a golden age of sharks

Megatooths of Maryland

Week 2: Miracles of Evolution – Functional Morphology and Physiology

Introduction – miracles of evolution

Why a hammerhead?

How shark tails work


Oil and water

Edged weapons

Blue shark vs white shark

Pursue or ambush?

Manta ray feeding and migration

Shark vs mammal circulation

Breathing water

Countercurrent gas exchange

Osmoregulation in the bull shark

Greenland sharks

Reproduction in the sand tiger (ragged tooth) shark

Modes of reproduction

Week 3 (shark brains and behaviour) and 4 (sharks in the world) videos will follow in a separate post.

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