Dixie naps in front of the bookshelf

Where to find a book

Dixie naps in front of the bookshelf
Dixie naps in front of the bookshelf

We talk a lot about books on this blog (in our house, apart from a gadget problem, we also have a book problem…) and I thought maybe it’d be helpful to provide a bit of structure around that. I have some old posts that I update periodically with a loose classification system that’ll help you to find a book about sharks, or diving history, or something for children, if you want to. At this time of year, if you’re starting to look for gifts for friends and family, this might be helpful:

Oceanography and ocean history books – not as dry as it sounds; some excellent overviews of ocean science here

Marine biology books – popular science mostly, including issues of keeping dolphins and orcas captive

Fish identification books – both South Africa-specific and for other, warmer waters

Books about sharks – from popular science through photography all the way into some quite technical information

Conservation books – images and words to inspire us to protect the ocean

Ships and shipwrecks – finding them, diving them, cataloguing them

Books about extreme diving – cave diving, deep diving, technical diving, commercial diving, freediving…

Diving adventures – travelling divers, and individuals who pioneered

Dive travel books – books about Malta, the Red Sea, and other must-see diving destinations

Diving science and physiology – the stuff you have to learn for your Divemaster course, but some good reads despite that!

Surfing books – not just for surfers

Diving history – the early days of the aqualung, and the history of ocean exploration

Photography and art books – eye candy and material to dream over

Novels and children’s books – some good ideas for the younger generation

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