Towing one of the Zodiacs

Liveaboard life: Zodiacs

I never quite got used to the idea of living on a boat. I felt like a pirate for the entire duration of our Egypt trip – a very excited millionaire pirate swanning about in my flannel hooded robe, yo. During the course of our trip, Tony and I shot a few short videos that I’ve collected to share over the next few days. I hope they give you an idea of what it was like to drive around the Red Sea on a 39 metre long motor yacht!


Towing one of the Zodiacs
Towing one of the Zodiacs

Some of the dives were done directly off the back of the boat. Kit up, jump in! Others were done from Zodiacs, which is just a fancy name for the rubber ducks we use at home. The Zodiacs on our boat (M/Y blue Melody) were about 4 metres long and could be loaded with an impressive number of divers when the circumstances required it! Here are some of the crew pulling the Zodiacs onto the dive deck in preparation for a crossing.

When we dived off the zodiacs, we stepped on board in full kit, carrying our fins. As soon as we were on board we put our fins on, and then one of the crew drove us to the dive site. We rolled overboard as soon as we got there – no time spent getting ready, as we were already in our kit.

After the dive, we were picked up in the Zodiac again. Our gear was stacked at the front of the boat, and a surprising number of divers (ten, at one of the sites) could be fitted on board for the short trip back to the liveaboard. By those standards Seahorse, which is 6.2 metres long, should be rated for 15 divers! (She is rated for seven divers plus a skipper.)

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