SA Agulhas II berthed in Cape Town

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Hi divers

Last weekend we took a tour of the SA Agulhas II, an extremely impressive ship! We were all ready to run away and become polar explorers until we stepped outside on deck (and the ship hadn’t even left Cape Town harbour yet). This week I have gotten in the water a few times, with mixed visibility and mixed conditions. Things seem to be cleaning up though.

SA Agulhas II berthed in Cape Town
SA Agulhas II berthed in Cape Town

Another weekend of odd and difficult to predict conditions looms and it’s a toss up between less wind and more swell, or more wind and less swell. The water has cleaned up a lot this week and I am sure the viz will head for the 10 plus metre range by the weekend.

A 5 metre swell arrives tonight and lingers through Saturday, but it’s westerly so it won’t decimate the bay, but will make it a bit surgy. Sunday there is less swell but some south easterly wind. I am more inclined to go for the less swell option so we will launch on Sunday, and I reckon the SAS Pietermaritzburg and Caravan Reef area will be more sheltered than anywhere else.

It’s a bit cooler in the mornings now with the odd fog bank so we will launch at 10am and 12.30pm. As usual, text me if you want to dive.

View from the bridge of the SA Agulhas II
View from the bridge of the SA Agulhas II


Monday will as usual be a day of fantastic conditions (Mondays usually are) but we are off to Durban for some diving in warmer water and what Patrick at Calypso describes as “cracker” conditions. Our Red Sea trip in October still has space available – let me know if you want more information.

Rainbow over Table Bay harbour
Rainbow over Table Bay

Other stuff

Remember the DAN day on 20 July – see last week’s newsletter for details. Please also make sure your MPA permit is up to date before you next come diving.


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