NSRI volunteers holding the false killer whale's blowhole above water

Article: Wired on orcas hunting sperm whales

Something about orcas is apt this autumn, as a couple of weeks ago a pod of about nine killer whales was spotted in False Bay. They are (I hope) probably going to hang around for a little while, hunting the huge pods of dolphins that are in the bay at the moment. Click here to see some amazing photographs of the orcas in False Bay (including one of a tiny calf, which just slays me) taken by Dave Hurwitz of the Simon’s Town Boat Company. For daily orca goodness (when they’re spotted), follow STBC on facebook.

Wired.com recently published a photo gallery and brief write up of a killer whale sighting in Sri Lanka: a pod of orcas attacked a group of sperm whales. The photographer, Shawn Heinrichs, actually got into the water with the whales, and there are some remarkable underwater photos. Sri Lanka is a good place to visit if you want to see a blue whale, which is actually what Heinrichs and friends were looking for. Instead, they got to see a bit of different nature, red in tooth and claw!

Seeing images of these animals in the wild, doing their thing, convinces me even more that orcas do not belong in captivity.

Read the full article and see the photos here.

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    1. Thanks Rupert – definitely needed google translate! Very interesting ideas. I look forward to following the debate – it seems to be quite widespread globally.

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