Gulf of Mexico shrimp boat tracks

Trawl fishing from space

Here’s another incredible picture taken by Commander Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station. When I wrote about two articles on the effects of trawling I looked for a picture that showed exactly what a bottom trawling fishing vessel (such as a shrimp boat) does to the sea floor, and how visible the effects are from space or satellite altitude. This photo hadn’t been taken yet!

Gulf of Mexico shrimp boat tracks
Gulf of Mexico shrimp boat tracks

The image shows a piece of the coastline of Texas in the United States. In the sea you can see the tracks of a shrimp boat, which has stirred up the bottom of the ocean so much that it’s visible from a great height. As you can imagine, this is an extremely destructive fishing technique.

You can google it if you want more information on bottom trawling fishing techniques, but here’s a diagram of how it works in general.

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