Life vest for dogs

A visit to a boat shop in Denmark

Outside the boat shop
Outside the boat shop

While we were in Denmark just after Christmas we paid a visit to the Tempo Bådudstyr in the suburb of Greve, just outside Copenhagen. It was fabulous. Tony was genuinely browsing the wares, while I photographed things that looked cool. My favourite items were the mini life vests for dogs (we have seen a lot of dogs on the sailing boats that frequent the small marinas throughout Denmark).

We got a ride back from the boat shop with the pastor of the local Lutheran church, who lived in Glostrup where we were staying. He took us home via the hard standing at the marina where he keeps his little sailing boat. In winter all the pleasure boats are removed from the water because the harbours ice up. They are placed on stilts in huge boat parking areas. In spring when the weather softens, they are returned to the sea.

Please enjoy a small selection of photographs of the maritime delights that can be found in this particular Danish boat store:

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    1. Hi Keith

      Unfortunately we do not sell anything. We saw the buoys when we visited a boat shop in Denmark, just outside Copenhagen, that stocks them. You can probably contact them via their website ( to find out whether they can ship you some buoys.

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