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100 Diving Sites – Paul Munzinger

100 Diving Sites
100 Diving Sites

Cecil and Hayley gave us this book for Christmas. I have read several compendiums of dive sites (the ones by Jack Jackson – Diving with Giants and Dive Atlas of the World – spring to mind). What I appreciated about this one was that the author has clearly dived all (or many) of the locations he describes, over a period of several years or a couple of decades.

Munzinger is thus able to comment knowledgeably on whether the site has degraded owing to excessive dive tourism, dynamite fishing, global warming, poaching, poor conservation management, or any of the other reasons that cause a dive site to go from being an undiscovered gem to a barren wasteland.

I can’t comment on whether geographical areas with good diving have been omitted. Munzinger does focus a lot on the Red Sea, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Carribbean, but  not all his destinations are obvious or easy ones. South African features with the inclusion of Cape Town (the SAS Good Hope even gets a mention) and Gansbaai (for cage diving with great white sharks).

Paul Munzinger is German, and the book has been (well) translated from German. If you can read German, the website for the book looks useful. The vast majority of the many photographs appear to have been taken by Munzinger himself – there is a very short list of credits for other photographers.

I found this to be a useful, credible source of information and expect to consult it for ideas when planning future dive trips.

If you’re in South Africa, you can buy the book here. If you’re elsewhere, try here or here.

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