DIvers on the surface of the Blue Hole, seen from inside the cave at the bottom

A deceptively easy way to die

Tony and I watched this video one evening before going to sleep. We shouldn’t have. I suggest that you rather watch it in the morning. Regardless of how high the sun is, though, the guidelines and warnings provided here should be taken deadly seriously by every diver.

The warnings regarding the overhead environment of a cave are equally applicable to the overhead environments encountered in a shipwreck. If you have not had the proper training, do not go inside. If you don’t know what the “proper training” is, you haven’t had it. The odds that you will die, and possibly cause the death or injury of someone else, are simply too high.

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4 thoughts on “A deceptively easy way to die”

    1. Great post, thanks for the link! There are many misconceptions around the training vs experience issue – one I’ve heard in a PADI context is that with an Advanced qualification you can dive to 30 metres (true), but “with experience” you can go to 40 metres (not true – and who defines “experience”?)!

  1. Exactly!

    In PADI, OWD is 20m, AOWD is 30m and someone with the Deep Specialty is cleared to 40m. “Experience” can’t determine your limits, since like you said, who determines/defines what “experience” is?

    1. Thanks for the link from Reddit by the way, our little South African blog has never seen so much trans Atlantic traffic 🙂

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