Christo and me on the boat with the BOS 400 in the background (picture by Maurice)

Newsletter: The same, but different

Hi divers

The last few weeks have been eventful for the marine world in Cape Town. For some thoughts about chumming, which has been very much in the news lately, you can click here and here, and for some general thoughts you can read this blog post. The ocean is a complex and ever-changing place, but it’s the same old ocean that we dived in a month ago. There’s something new to see every day – don’t let political drama and media hype put you off!

False Bay seen from Boyes Drive
False Bay seen from Boyes Drive

Back to diving… or the lack therof

The picture above shows the patchy and murky waters of False Bay. Our diving plans for this entire week have been on hold as the weather, water and wind have not been of a nature typically required for diver training.

Christo and me on the boat with the BOS 400 in the background (picture by Maurice)
Christo and me on the boat with the BOS 400 in the background (picture by Maurice)

We did venture out last Saturday and dived the BOS 400 in very misty conditions. The visibility was around 15 metres but there was a huge fog bank hanging about so we decide to skip a second dive. I had cancelled shore dives for the weekend but believe it was a bad call as reports of great visibility and flat seas served to remind me that weather forecasting is best left to the experts.

We took the boat out today and dived with the cowsharks at Shark Alley and the seals at Partridge Point. The conditions were more windy and choppy than the weather forecast predicted, but the visibility was an acceptable 6 metres at Shark Alley and about the same at the seals, but very surgy.

On the boat in Maori Bay (photo by Maurice)
On the boat in Maori Bay (photo by Maurice)

Weekend plans


We will launch from Miller’s Point and do a double tank dive or just one dive (I’m not taking the boat out of the water in between dives, so you can’t do just the second dive), maximum five people, dive site(s) and depth dependent on who books and how many dives you want to do.

Saturday and Sunday

Shore dives for training and Discover Scuba Diving.

Monday and Tuesday

Back on the boat for a double tank or a single dive (weather permitting) – sites on at least one of those days to be suitable for Open Water divers.

If you would like to dive, please let me know your preference for what day, and if there’s a particular site (False Bay side) that you’d like to visit. No promises, but your input is important!

Cape Town Dive Festival

This is going to be a big event, to be part of it you need to go to and register and book your dives. I cannot book for you, but you can do the dives I have booked if you wish. Or if you are tired of seeing my fins, pick any of the options available providing they are within your qualification.


Booked and paid for and we leave on Monday 7 May returning on Saturday 12th. So no diving with me that week, here, but you can still join if you’re tired of the office.


Tony Lindeque
076 817 1099

Diving is addictive!

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