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    Newsletter: A walk on the wild side

    • 08 March 2012
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    Hi divers

    Summer has decided to linger and the surface temperature in the bay is still 20 degrees. The rays are still around and are seen at almost every shallow dive site in False Bay. The bay is in fact full of life and huge shoals of bait fish can be seen from the top of Boyes drive almost every day. I love my job.

    Crowned nudibranch on the SAS Pietermaritzburg

    Crowned nudibranch on the SAS Pietermaritzburg

    Diving plans

    We still have several dives to do with a handful of Open Water and Advanced students but that is not going to happen this weekend and next weekend is not looking great either (though it’s early days). The southeaster is set to blow hard on Saturday and that will make most sites unpleasant. Sunday is wind-free but a few million cyclists will engulf the peninsula for the Argus. The only way to get to a dive site will be by helicopter.

    We have planned a dive with Indigo Scuba out of Gordon’s Bay, for Sunday morning. Having never dived there I want to “test the waters” there first before I drag a bunch of you to a place I have never dived. Next weekend is the Navy Festival so if the conditions are right for False Bay it will mean a really early start, by early I mean being there by 7.00 am or alternatively a weekend of boat dives if the Atlantic shapes up.

    Redfingers on the SAS Good Hope

    Redfingers on the SAS Good Hope


    We have booked our flights for this trip (7-12 May) so if you are joining us remember to book your flight quite soon. Our plan is to stay at Motel do Mar as it is right next to the dive centre and practically on the beach. The accommodation is in smallish chalets that sleep four, but four people that know one another, so we will juggle the arrangements to suit the group.

    We are planning on doing the 8 dives as discussed and the weather at that time of year is really stable and we should have exceptional diving. We are limiting the number to 12 as this is the maximum number of divers on a boat and I would like to keep us together. We will however do at least one deep dive to a site called Pinnacles, it’s the place for bull sharks and hammerheads, not to be missed.

    Feeding ray at Long Beach

    Feeding ray at Long Beach

    Last weekend

    Last weekend we had some really good diving with many giant short tailed sting rays at Long Beach on both dives. You can find more pictures of these impressive creatures in this facebook album.

    Checking out a giant short tailed sting ray on the pipeline at Long Beach

    Checking out a giant short tailed sting ray on the pipeline at Long Beach

    Sunday we dived with Grant and did the SAS Good Hope wreck, the second dive was to the SAS Pietermaritzburg wreck and despite the greenish looking water and a howling current, below the thermocline it was a pleasant 6-8 metre visibility.


    Tony Lindeque
    076 817 1099

    Diving is addictive!

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