Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club at Miller's Point

Directions to Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club at Miller’s Point

If you are visiting this page to get directions to the Cape Town Dive Festival, please note that it has been postponed to 8-9 September 2012 owing to very bad weather conditions. Visit the CTDF Facebook page for more information.

Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club at Miller's Point
Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club at Miller’s Point

Boat dives in Cape Town are either done from Miller’s Point, Hout Bay, or (less frequently) Oceana Power Boat Club near the Waterfront. Lately some of the dive charters have started a trial membership at the Cape Boat and Ski Club, located on the other side of Miller’s Point to our usual launch site. The idea is that their divers will be able to use the facilities of the club (when they’re open – last time we dived they weren’t!).

Here are directions to get to the Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club, for future reference. Note that these directions are identical to the ones explaining how to find the usual Miller’s Point slipway, but at the very last minute you need to go into a different parking area.

Coming along the Main Road:

  1. This is easy. Keep on the Main Road through all the coastal suburbs – Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek.
  2. At the circle at the top of Fish Hoek Main Road, keep left and stay next to the sea. You are basically following the railway line along the coast.
  3. Carry on through Glencairn, and into Simon’s Town.
  4. Drive through Simonstown, past the golf course on your left, and the turnoff to Boulder’s Beach.
  5. Continue for several kilometres until you see a sign for the Black Marlin seafood restaurant and Miller’s Point caravan park on your left (in the middle of nowhere – no houses or anything).
  6. Now keep your eyes open – the Miller’s Point turnoff is the next one on your left, around a corner and over a small hill. Drive in and into the parking area immediately on your right as you enter. The boats park in the upper parking area so don’t go in there. If you had to go through a boom or get stopped by a guard (or suspiciously unauthorised-looking person demanding money) you’re probably in the wrong parking area.
The parking area above Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club
The parking area above Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club

Coming on the M3 highway:

  1. When you get to the end of the M3, turn right at the traffic light and contine through one more set of lights (Virgin Active on your right).
  2. Just before the next set of lights take the slipway to the left, up onto Ou Kaapse Weg. This turnoff is not well signposted!
  3. Now you basically stay on the same road until it ends abruptly in the ocean. Go over Ou Kaapse Weg into Sun Valley.
  4. Continue straight through two sets of traffic lights (stopping if they’re red), onto the Glencairn Expressway (Blackhill Road). This takes you over a small mountain into Glencairn.
  5. When you get to the sea, with a Spar on your left and a wetland on your right, turn right. Now you are on the Main Road.
  6. Directions continue as from Item 3 in the Main Road section above!
Slipway at the Ski Boat club
Slipway at the Ski Boat club

Things to be aware of

  • Miller’s Point is part of the stamping ground of a large troupe of baboons. They are hilarious to watch, but (especially if you’re a woman) the large males can be a bit intimidating. Keep your car locked, windows closed and sunroof securely shut in order to prevent them from raiding the vehicle for food – they know how to open almost anything, and will get into the car with you if they see the opportunity. DO NOT feed them.
  • There are no ATMs, shops or any other signs of civilisation at Miller’s Point except for the Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club, which contains loos, a shower, and a bar.
  • There is no cellphone reception. You won’t even get a text message through, unless you’re Chuck Norris.
That's a baboon. On my car.
That’s a baboon. On my car.

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