Great White, Eminent Grey

Bookshelf: Great White and Eminent Grey

Great White and Eminent Grey – Chris Fallows

Great White and Eminent Grey
Great White and Eminent Grey

Chris Fallows is the man behind Apex Predators, the shark cage diving and viewing company that operates out of Simon’s Town. I say it as though Apex is the only shark cage operator there, but in fact they’re one of several. TONY AND I ARE EXTREMELY EXCITED THAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE THE SHARKS IN JUNE!

He’s known for his photographic work, with great white sharks as the subject. He has also been responsible for several episodes of Air Jaws on the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week.

I’ve been wanting to get this book for Tony for a while, and the arrival of my fourth quarter Fanatics reward voucher from Exclusive Books, while not covering the entire outlay required, was sufficient impetus to send me scurrying to the lower ground floor of Cavendish Square. As if they were expecting me, a single copy had just that day arrived in the shop. The rest is history.

This is a large-format coffee table book (though I hate the idea of having books “on display”) comprising mainly photographs by Chris Fallows. There’s a bit of text on his background (very interesting) and on events at Seal Island, but Fallows doesn’t stray from his area of expertise, which is the predation activities of great white sharks. He’s the first to admit that he has no formal marine biology training, but that everything he knows he’s learned from observing these incredible creatures.

That said, Fallows is one of the few people involved with sharks in Cape Town who is prepared to share his knowledge, and for this Tony and I – as regular water users – are deeply grateful. The depth of understanding of great white sharks that he’s achieved through years of data gathering and observation of their activities at Seal Island is profound.

Tony will write a review of this book himself, focusing more on the photos (I think), but suffice it to say that they are magnificent and awe inspiring. My only complaint was that some of the double-page spreads with the subject (generally a shark) in the middle were obscured by the spine of the book.

The book is available here if you’re in South Africa, otherwise from here.

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