Going through the Bubblemakers/DSD flip chart


Friday was spent at the Virgin Active pool in Claremont, in crystal clear warm water. The pool is heated and I would guess it was around 24 deg celsius. We had a great time with a bunch of kids, conducting PADI Bubblemakers programs. We also had a couple of DSDs and all round good fun.

Going through the Bubblemakers/DSD flip chart
Going through the Bubblemakers/DSD flip chart

It is amazing at how quickly kids take to scuba diving. The youngest participant was eight years old and they become so amusing and small looking when you strap a 10 litre cylinder to them. Even the smallest mask looks huge on an eight year old head and the neat small mouthpieces we use as adults fill their mouths to a point that they seem like chipmunks. Within 15 minutes they had good buoyancy, understood the signs and signals and swam the length of the pool several times picking up small tiles and other odds and ends in the water.

Underwater exploration in the pool
Underwater exploration in the pool

If you want your children to be safe and comfortable around water then the Seal Team program is an extremely good way to achieve this. It follows on from Bubblemakers and can be done from the age of 8 years. They become real scuba divers, have a chance to perform navigation, search and recovery, underwater photography and a few other exciting skills.

Imagine how good your underwater skills would be today if you started when you were eight!!

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    Interested in getting a kid involved in this, how does one join? Are there application forms? What sort of programmes do you offer, I was looking at possibly letting my son join during the holidays.

    Please contact me and advise.

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